Exo Font Family 2011

Exo its geometric sans serif font family. Its design started almost two years ago as way to discover typography in a more advanced way.
Exo is a very complete font family, it has 9 weights both in regular and true italic versions. Each font comes with a lot of opentype features such as small caps, ligatures, alternates, oldstyle figures, tabular figures, fractions, and more. Exo is a successful Kickstarter project. Now you can use this font for free (under the SIL Open Font License 1.1).

UPDATE: There is a newer version of Exo.

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Exo Patron List
Google Web Fonts; TROOPERS IT-Security Conference; Ethan Bolvi; Ian Oliver; Thomas Schraitle; Mr Callum Kerr; Oliver Franke; Dirty Suds; Anonymous; Pedro Amado; Admiral Potato; Don Pattee; David Oliver; David Ritter; Premist Lee; C. Grueninger; Karl Maria Fattig; Keith C. Humphrey; Florian Horsch; Michael S Underwood; Darian Cabot; Marco Monteiro; ra-φ; Christian Munk; Raphael Salomon; Adam Ruf; Nilay Shah, MD; Denis Ricard; Tyler Davis; Pablo Impallari; D. Moonfire; Luke Hewlett; Rina Miele; Smack Happy Design; Maximilian Bloch; shiawuen; Andreas Hoppler; Janet Street; Maarten Billemont; Tim Lossen; Jeff Schnelle; Maximilian Bloch; shiawuen; Andreas Hoppler; Janet Street; Maarten Billemont; Tim Lossen; Jeff Schnelle; Marijn Scholtus; Austin C DePalma; Marcelo Magalhães; AP Nguyen; Tyson Young; Pedro Rosário Silva; WorldMaker; Nao Nozawa; Jason Alan Loftis;  Great White Ark; Dawid Rychtyk; Sven Steglich, Germany; Mario Šestak; Scott Tucker; nicole aptekar; Jayhan Sim; s t e v e; Herculano Campos; John R. Dougan; David Thomas; Scott Richard Hughes; Tom Rothamel; Patricia Carvalho | Misspato.com; Ian Soper; Tiago Franco; Nathan Sharfi; Norbert Martin; Mike Prasad; Hans de Wolf; Lindan Lee Johnson; Petr Vorel Hamish Mead; Brad Olson; Lorenzo Orselli; Ultra Bithalver; disena.pl Eryk Lewandowski; Cesar Gutierrez Bartra; Matthew Petroff; Timon Royer; Daniel Jost; Mark Davis; Piotr Pielach (Poland); Tjerja Geerts; Linus Metzler; Rod Sawatsky; Jawad Khan; Christopher Corneschi; Kaloian Doganov; Aaron Blankenship; Jake McGraw; JustinChung.com; Tim Gummer Design; Doug Jones; Bryan Levay; Robert E. Smith; João Faria :: f8design.net; John Colagioia; Bas van Ginkel | IVY ONE; Adam Glickman; Mark Lussier; Snizzbut; Tony Grosinger; Sindre Sorhus - sindresorhus.com; Sascha Mombartz; Roman Priesol; Annie Chandler Wang; Aabjørn Daniel; XAOP; Bruno; Ansel Santosa;

Special Thanks To
Dave Crossland; Luís Favas; João Faria; Ricardo Santos; Ruben Dias;  


The ndiscovered is the showcase of the work made by Natanael Gama, a portuguese graphic and new media designer. Natanael has a degree in Multimedia Design and lately have been specializing on the typography field. After some work experiences abroad he is ready for new challenges. 
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